For general questions about Wi-Fi on Linux using Intel’s devices, you can send an email to linuxwifi intel. There seems to be no solution. This bug affects 6 people. I don’t think it has been in the kernel long enough to have been included in the It is unlikely that Intel will ever fix the driver for such an old piece of hardware that it hasn’t been able to fix thus far. Launchpad Janitor janitor wrote on

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I’m not familiar with managing wireless connections from the command line to troubleshoot this outside of the scope of network-manager, but if necessary, please let me know if there’s any further information I can provide to help better diagnose this problem.

If I boot into the LiveCD with the hardware wireless switch disabled wireless off and then switch it on, network-manager does not detect any nearby wireless networks, and manually entering a known working one does not result in a connection being established. The device is not blocked.

Intel Wireless WiFi Link, Wireless-N, Advanced-N, Ultimate-N devices

Our policy is to close 4965agj that have been pending for input for more than two weeks. This kind of interference might happen on 2. Chipset – Chipset vendor name, chipset name, vendor code, and device code.


I can confirm that this kernel is now officially being offered by update-manager. That is why I try never to use a Windows driver. Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else. This worked properly on Hardy. You may see firmware crashes in case you didn’t set that 44965agn parameter. All times are GMT Our devices support monitor mode. I haven’t tried it, but I am going to if I have time tonight. Results 1 to 10 of What’s up with your ‘PAE’ kernel?

This is why some people may face issues with devices that are handled by iwldvm. I’ve posted a help request before with lots of technical info and outputs. Brian Murray brian-murray on Ubutnu AGN wireless fail to connect I tried it using compat-wireless as they suggest; no effect. FTM can work on only and requires special calibrations so that an off the shelf won’t be able to provide accurate measurements.

You will also need the firmware. If you ever had older Ubuntu I assume based on your question that you tried different modules versions and configurations if not please do it: Originally Posted by ehmdjii.

Also note that using 40MHz and not 20MHz channel bandwidth will increase the probability to suffer from platform noise since more frequencies might impact the Wi-Fi performance.


Slow wireless with an Intel We run Ubuntu If I do figure it out or you figure it out, please, let’s post the details here. Kernel team bugs Please keep that in mind. For example, here’s the output of iwconfig after booting and testing the speeds: But I’m sure my problem isn’t related to this type of kernel, cos I have the same issues using another kernels 2. Please note that the latter address accepts plaintext emails only.

Intel AGN wireless fail to connect

This means that the bleeding edge of the backport tree will run against decently recent kernel usually against Linus’s tree. I believe this bug should be resolved with a patch that was 496agn for bug By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

I was curious if you had done any speed tests