It’s important to note that when this card is plugged into a notebook, the notebook’s built-in speakers can’t be used. For multi-speaker home-theatre sound, the optical output can be connected to an amplifier, as long as you have a suitable cable. The integrated sound chips in most notebooks and PCs are more than adequate for listening to music and watching movies. This makes the Xonar an ideal upgrade for old notebooks and PCs, especially since it doesn’t require users to venture under the hood of their PCs. So, let’s get this show on the road!!

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It’s important to note that when this card is plugged into a notebook, the notebook’s built-in speakers can’t be used.

ASUS Xonar D2 Sound Card and U1 USB Audio Station Reviews | Components and Design – ASUS Xonar U1

An array microphone is supplied in the package, and this can be used to record voice comfortably from about half a metre away. For an additional surround sound test, and to see how the Xonar did in a gaming environment, I launched a single player game of Battlefield and played around with the surround settings a bit more as I battled against computer-controlled soldiers.


One notable addition is ASUS, a company known for high quality hardware for the enthusiasts. Future versions of the software should make editing and saving new versions of the DSP modes possible. Unfortunately, those of us that have begun to use Vista know that many sound options were lost with our upgrade. Second, users with analog surround speakers may find themselves slightly out of luck, because while digital surround speaker systems use one connection to get data for all 6 or 8 speakers, analog systems have — at minimum — three inputs for a 5.


Sharing is Caring Help spread the word. The base has two ports: A comment on the Dolby Headphone feature and music: However, if the sound from an older computer is below average, or you want a little more than stereo sound, then the ASUS Xonar U1 is an enticing choice.

Rather than forcing users to convert their 5. Photos of this device really don’t do it justice. This USB-based sound solution is crafted using a high-quality aluminum that has been buffed to a mirror finish. The front tab of the Audio Center, showing a few of the capabilities of the unit. Because all of these options with the exception of the key shift work in conjunction with the input from the microphone, you can use them when talking via VoIP or when gaming online, too.

As a result, I am confident that the the sound card could easily earn its keep feeding important sonic information to a hardcore gamer.

For music, these aren’t suitable as they make songs sound hollow and distant, but for watching movies, they are great.

November 27 Manufacturers Part: Attractive, portable, and easy to use, with clean sound reproduction, DSP processors that add new dimensions to the music, and surround sound that makes any pair of headphones into a capable home theater system, the Xonar U1 is an excellent product. As for quality, it’s decent for Internet applications, such as Skype, but not for applications where voice needs to be heard back instantaneously.

The sound quality from the card was clear and crisp during our tests, for the most part, using Sennheiser MX90 ear buds, and a little louder than the sound from the standard audio chips in our test notebooks. Only headphones or a set of powered speakers can be used, which grab the output from the Xonar’s headphone port. Even better, the change was consistent across two types of headphones a pair JLab JBuds earphones, and a set of Sony MDR CD headphones and a set of speakers the left, right and subwoofer speakers of a Logitech X 5.


You’re awesome for doing it!

The Array Mic has a secondary function: The U1 Audio Station has an aesthetically-pleasing construction and design that includes blue and red LEDs that indicate when the volume is muted or powered on. I need power and lots of it.

Cons Its Auss and microphone cables are too short, no visual volume indicator, microphone produced a lot of echo, some distortion was evident during low frequencies. One rarely needs to buy a dedicated sound card these days.

ASUS Xonar U1

Many external sound devices still have a plethora of outputs that can confuse and frustrate typical PC users. We previously reviewed the Xonar D2 PCI solution and we were more than impressed with the sound quality and features provided. This question is for testing whether you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions. The integrated sound chips in most notebooks and PCs are more than adequate for listening to music and watching movies.

Drivers and Software bundle – 5: The Audio Center, which requires a separate installation, controls all the digital signal processing DSP capabilities of the Xonar in one colorful, button-filled set of windows.